“PHASHASH” are at this time developing an exclusive clothing brand consisting of a men’s woven shirt collection, of edgy, contemporary, specialized design and quality, adapting clean lines and exceptional craftsmanship.  Using selectively chosen imported pure fine cotton and cotton rich fabrics, the shirts are manufactured for “PHASHASH”, in one of the finest manufacturing plants in Natal. Each shirt has a story to tell using trims and coloration in their own unique way making them truly “PHASHASH”. As the collection was launched it was immediately accepted, recognized and snatched up by selected up-market men’s retail outlets.

As the “PHASHASH”” brand has started developing and the demand is rising, a men’s cotton twill chino trouser collection in standard colors, clean front, straight leg has been added as well as a brushed cotton nautical headwear collection and a “PHASHASH FUNSHINE” UV sun protective sleeve collection with many exciting colours and designs.  At the moment Charlene is designing and developing our fantastic new “PHASHASH COMBAT” collection of T-Shirts in vibrant colours and styling.